Expert-Led Prague Walking Tours

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At the crossroads of European history for over 1,000 years, Prague’s soaring churches(opens in a new tab) and ancient synagogues(opens in a new tab) testify to the Czech, German, and Jewish communities that each left their mark on this fabled city, even before it was rebuilt by visionary Emperor Charles IV into the capital of an empire.

On private and small-group tours, or day trips from Prague, Insight Cities’ historians help you discover the city’s dramatic role at the center of Europe’s religious conflicts. We walk in the footsteps of the leaders, musicians, artists, and intellectuals who shaped the city’s fortunes, even as we explore Prague’s modern ordeals under Nazi Occupation and Cold War authoritarianism(opens in a new tab). We are particularly proud to welcome you on our Prague Art Nouveau and Cubist Architecture tour(opens in a new tab), named by The Guardian as one of the ten best architecture tours in the world.(opens in a new tab)

For those looking for a special gift for their loved ones, all our Prague tours are available for our gift cards.

tour guides pointing at object behind camera and smiling
Prague Castle View
interior of synagogue with candles and red walls
edifice of gold and green curvy building
black and white photo of men walking next to car on fire
group of people in aprons standing around a bench full of food
group of people in old library looking up at painted ceiling
white peacock with tail feather displayed
memorial statue of a menorah
large church
aerial view of town covered in snow with river running through
a group of kids on a walking tour in Prague