Expert-Led Munich Walking Tours

for Travelers who Like to Learn

Founded in 1158, Munich has a rich history from the “First Reich, Second Reich” and was, of course, the birthplace of the infamous “Third Reich.” Insight Cities private and small group tours through Munich’s old town cover all these periods – medieval architecture, historical anecdotes and insights into the culture. The history of Marienplatz – including the Altes and Neues Rathaus, the Old Residence, Munich’s open air market, Viktualienmarkt, and the Frauenkirche.

We walk the route that Hitler’s failed Putsch attempt of 1923 took. We’ll also see where he attended his first meeting of the DAP (German Worker’s Party) and visit where he gave his first major public speech. We introduce Munich’s personalities – Ludwig I and his brother Otto and his mistress Lola Montez, Ernst Hanfstaengl, Sophie Scholl and Count Rumsford, just to name a few. Depending on interest, we also like to show the Asam Church, St. Peter’s, and the Theatiner Church.

The Berlin clock with the Berlin TV tower in the background
edifice of gold and green curvy building
concentration camp's iron fence with the words Arbeit macht frei