Live Stream Virtual Tour of Prague's Art Nouveau & Cubist Architecture

75-Minute Virtual Tour of Prague's Art Nouveau and Cubist Sites

Municipal House, Prague's Great Art Nouveau Palace

House of the Black Madonna, Unique Cubist Landmark

This virtual tour makes it possible for you to explore extravagant designs of Prague’s glorious turn-of-century buildings from the comfort of home in real-time with a friendly local historian. You’ll discover the city’s most important Art Nouveau and Cubist architecture sites, including the grand Art Nouveau palace, Municipal House, where the First Czechoslovak Republic was born at the end of WWI. While learning Art Nouveau features, from gingko biloba leaves to elaborate lighting fixtures to curvy typography, we’ll also follow the fascinating Czech Cubist movement in architecture, starting at the elegant House of the Black Madonna and finishing up at the legendary 1920s Legiobanka, built to house the accounts of the WWI Legionnaires who fought for Czech and Slovak nationhood. At each major site, your guide pauses for Q & A.

Enjoy the fabulous designs and symbolism of Municipal House, Prague's greatest Art Nouveau palace.

Discover Czech Cubist architecture (unique to this country) at The House of the Black Madonna.

Strolling by Hotel Imperial's Deco facade, explore differences between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Take in the legendary Legion Bank, a Rondocubist landmark from WWI.

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Tour times are in CET (Central European Time). We offer tours up until sunset, with later sessions in spring and summer months.

Private tours: daily, depending on sunset at 10:00 AM CET, 11:30 AM CET, 1 PM CET, 2:30 PM CET, 4 PM CET, 5:30 PM CET, 7 PM, CET, 8:30 PM CET

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Private tours: Daily


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Private tours: up to 1-30, 31-60, 61-100 devices.

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Our walks operate in almost any weather except the most severe. In the case of weather conditions that make our live stream impossible, we refund or reschedule according to your preference.

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Curiosity and questions!

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